Persephone (asimaiyat) wrote in triangleites,

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and young professionals -- come get creative and get happy!

Hi, triangleites! Do you have a small business, an Etsy store or other creative sideline, or just an idea that you might like to turn into one? Do you like to have a drink after work? Do you like learning things for free, and networking with fellow creative business types? Then you'll love The Creative Media People happy hour lecture series!

The Creative Media People are a local multimedia PR and branding firm based in Cary. We're putting on a series of fun, casual talks about small business topics like identity branding, social media marketing, and legal issues for business owners at the TriBeCa Tavern bar and restaurant in Cary, on Monday nights from 5:30-7. If you haven't been there before, TriBeCa has some great food made with local ingredients, a chill, relaxed atmosphere, and excellent drink specials.

Check out the event page for more details. And be sure to Like us for more updates on Creative Media People events, plus fun chat about marketing and multimedia wackiness.
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