shiny? aye, shiny. (anandangel) wrote in triangleites,
shiny? aye, shiny.

Lost Dog: Small Black Female Beagle/Chihuahua Mix

Our dog Lacey was outside at 1520 Magnolia Apartments at 9pm last night, July 4th. Fireworks went off unexpectedly and she got scared and ran away. Last seen heading towards Barbee Rd, may have gone through the woods towards 54 or 55. She's about 15 pounds, black with tan/brown on her front paws and under her chin. She is not currently wearing her collar/tags.

She's very sweet and wouldn't bite, but she is usually scared of strangers so you may need to baby talk her a little to get her to come to you.

PLEASE CALL 919-260-7428 or 704-467-2126 if you find her. REWARD AVAILABLE.

I've posted this on craigslist and several other lost pet websites, and I've called local vets and put up flyers. I've been in contact with the Animal Control people and the Animal Shelter people in Durham. If you have any suggestions for additional people/places that might be helpful, please share.


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