Shannon シャノン (shampoo_neko02) wrote in triangleites,
Shannon シャノン

Its NEW!!!!

Hello everyone~ ^___^

My names Shannon. I'm going to be moving to Cary in a few weeks with my husband, Chad and our 1 year old son, Draven.
If anyone can give me some nice places to vist, things for small children to do in the surrouding area, that would be nice. :)
We are mostly into nature and the out doors. 
Any places we should steer clear from....bad areas, places not worth going to.
We are moving from Florida so if anyone can give me any info on the weather as well woiuld help alot, (how much snow/what kind of clothing to wear/things that are a need must)

Also if anyone would like to be friends on LJ is also awsome, I'm always looking for new friends. :)
I'm into maily being a mom, photography, vegan/vegitarian, cake decorating, anime & manga/japan, cats, nature....
Check out my journal for more if you want. ^o^

I can't wait to get to NC!!
Shannon    =^.^=
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